The Eyes of Disarray

iNSPiRaTioN // Plush by Stone Temple Pilots

SHiRT // Mirja Crop Top by Caboodle @ BishBox (April ’17)

BRa // 137 Romance by baii maii apparel

SHoRTS // Raelynn Shorts [V3] by R3volt

SHoeS // Gillian Sneakers by Pure Poison @ BishBox (April ’17)

NeCKLaCeS // Teen Spirit Set by Yummy! @ BishBox (April ’17)

BRaCeLeT // “Bullet” Leather Bracelet by REBELLION

BRaCeLeT // Jelly Bangles by Kibitz @ BishBox (April ’17)

eaRRiNGs // Horn Earring by Kibitz @ BishBox (April ’17)

PieRCiNG // Caera Waist Piercing by *KC|Couture*

BRoW RiNG // Brow Rings by LittleFish

HaiR // Anna by Doe @ BishBox (April ’17)

MaKeuP // Real Dream Eyeshadow by Identity @ BishBox (April ’17)

PiZZa // Animated Holdable Pizza by Drot @ MadPea Food Fair (past)

BaCKDRoP // Illusion II *1* RARE by MINIMAL @ Epiphany

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