Still feeling this grittier look right now. Little rough around the edges, but I’m loving it. I actually haven’t been able to find much recently at the events that stands out to me. Maybe I’m just stuck in this grungey rut, but I still enjoy it.

So, I was actually checkin’ out a song by Acid Bath called The Scream of the Butterfly, but it’s really hard to find a copy of that song online actually. Here is another song by Dax Riggs, vocalist of Acid Bath, called Didn’t Know Yet What I Would Know When I was Bleedin’. Longest song name ever.

When my chemicals go wrong
Murder the Devil
Take his song for my own

iNSPiRaTioN // Didn’t Know Yet What I’d Know When I Was Bleeding by Dax Riggs

SHiRT // Carli Cropped Tank by Decoy @ Collabor88

JaCKeT // Revival Military Jacket by Addams

SHoRTS // carrie – denim shorts by Erratic @ Collabor88

SHoeS // Rome Lace Up Heels by REIGN

HaiR // Aquaria by Stealthic

NeCKLaCe // The Chain Choker by InsurreKtion

MaKeuP // Contempt by Booty’s Beauty

LiP RiNG // Elonore V01 by The Code 5

BRoW RiNG // Brow Rings by LittleFish

WaiST PieRCiNG // Caera Waist Piercing by *KC|Couture*

eaRRiNGS // Gauged Ear by ^^Swallow^^

TaTToo // Legends by .Façade. @ The Dark Style Fair

BaT // Lucille Bat by Converge

LoCaTioN // Woodbury Falls

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