I Can’t Forget

Time to change it up. Drastically. I haven’t tried an all white photo and I picked up this dress from The Dark Style Fair a little bit ago. Still, I hadn’t been in the mood to do anything with it. Today was finally the day.

I took some time to wander around this absolutely beautiful sim. If you haven’t been there, you should check it out. Definitely a great place for photos.

The whole place reminded of a kind of sing song music box feeling. So, naturally Lenka’s Like a Song popped into my head.

I can’t forget you when you’re gone
You’re like a song
That goes around in my head

iNSPiRaTioN // Like a Song by Lenka

DReSS //  Willow Dress by TABOU. @ The Dark Style Fair

SHoeS // Lace Up Platform by ::ROC::

HaiR //  Hippie by Pr!tty @ The Gacha Garden

LiPSTiCK // Cutie Pie by Booty’s Beauty

MaKeuP //  Dreamers Eyeshadow Palette by .::frosting::.

TaTToo // Neysa by .::Nanika::.

PoSe // Pack 66 by Overlow

LoCaTioN // .Mystical Fae Forest.

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