You Know What I Mean

I flippin’ love skating. I love it. I played roller derby irl for a while, I skated all the time growing up. I just love it. When Rewind dropped their 80’s roller disco event I was alllll over that! It also helps that the Gurl Scouts program I’m in has an 80’s badge AND a roller skates badge! So, I loaded up on all sorts of swag from Rewind and talked a few more people into working on those badges with me. If you see a posse of rollerskating weirdos that look like they just jumped out of a Culture Club video around somewhere on the grid… that’s probably us.

On all of our skating adventures we’ve also been DJing for ourselves via dancers and I think we are all super addicted to the song Physical by Olivia Newton John. Who wouldn’t be?! It’s so flippin’ catchy!

I’ve been patient, I’ve been good
Tried to keep my hands on the table
It’s gettin’ hard this holdin’ back
If you know what I mean

iNSPiRaTioN // Physical by Olivia Newton John

SHiRT // Lisa Top by Miss Chelsea @ Rewind

SKiRT // Lisa Skirt by Miss Chelsea @ Rewind

SKaTeS // SK8 Flashback to the 80’s by Atomic @ Rewind

KNeePaDs // Derby Kneepads by REIGN @ Rewind

BRaCeLeTS // 80’s Rainbow Bangles by Izzie’s

eaRRiNGS // Plastic Treasures Large Earrings by Ersch @ Rewind

HeaDBaND // 80’s Headband by Izzie’s

SCRuNCHie // Cindy Scrunchie* by Analog Dog Hair @ Rewind

HaiR // Sheryl by /Wasabi Pills/

BooMBoX //  Retro Boombox by [Cosmic Dust] @ Rewind

eyeSHaDoW //  Warrior Eyeshadow Palette by .::frosting::.

LiPGLoSS // XoXo Gloss Lips by SlackGirl

NaiLS // Neon 80’s Nails by Bella Elephante @ Rewind

PoSe // Call Me by Bella Elephante @ Rewind

BaCKDRoP // Blow Roller Rink by SAYO @ Rewind


* I used the scrunchie only from the Analog Dog hair. I also moved and resized it.

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