Conversations Kill

I have had a horrible toothache for the past almost week now. Finally got to the dentist yesterday, but honestly I’m so ready to just peace out on the pain. I need the magical pill that will let me just sleep until it feels better.

This top was in 50L Friday recently and I absolutely love it. I’m a sucker for camo. I’m actually still working on my 80’s and roller skating badges for Gurl Scouts in SL. It was nice to be able to get out of all the bright colors and nonsense for  a minute to do this post.

If you haven’t seen the Last Forever sim, go check it out. It’s really pretty and I personally feel like there aren’t enough cool desert locations in SL.

And of course… for any grungey or subdued moment I can always rely on Stone Temple Pilots.

Driving faster in my car
Falling farther from just what we are
Smoke a cigarette and lie some more
These conversations kill

iNSPiRaTioN // Big Empty by Stone Temple Pilots

SHiRT // Strapped Crop Top by LAZYBONES

SKiRT // Esky Harness Skirt [V3] by R3volt

TiGHTS //  Frail Fishnet Tights by [ abrasive ]

CoLLaR // F@ck toy collar by Kibitz

SHoeS //  Overstate Boots by [VALE KOER]

HaiR // Prisma by Stealthic

PieRCiNG // Caera Waist Piercing by *KC|Couture*

MaKeuP // Cora Eyeshadow by Izzie’s

LiPGLoSS // XoXoGloss Lips by SlackGirl

TaTToo //  Pacific Northwest by .Reckless.

PoSe 1 // Fuckoff Bento Static Pose by I-Slay bento poses

PoSe 2 // Model Pack 1 by M I L A p o s e s

LoCaTioN // The Last Forever

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