Sooooo… what had happened was… I went to the Chapter Four and loved the Lolita gacha outfit. I went to Collabor88 and these glasses just rocked my world… I went to Vintage Fair and these jeans were just singing to my soul… plus these gloves left over from Rewind. It’s been a great week for shopping.

I figured I’d also do one more picture before I have to have a wisdom tooth out on Monday. I probably won’t want to do ANYTHING after that. Taking this picture has also been an adventure. I swear I took it 6 times, each time remembering something I forgot to adjust or put on. It’s one of those days. I’m also out of coffee. So, yea. We’re lucky I’m alive at all and not back in bed.

I am also completely in love with this Road to Nowhere gacha set by Milk Motion from Arcade. When I saw Anduril had it set up I knew exactly where I had to take this photo.

Through this whole process I had quite the playlist of grunge and old rock happening, but I ran across an old favorite song called Talk Show Host by Radiohead. I love it so much and think it fits the landscape really well.

You want me
Fucking and come and find me
I’ll be waiting
With a gun and a pack of sandwiches and nothing

iNSPiRaTioN // Talk Show Host by Radiohead

SHiRT //  Lolita Top by ~Nerido~ @ The Chapter Four

SuSPeNDeRS // Lolita Suspenders by ~Nerido~ @ The Chapter Four

JeaNS // Maryrose Pant by TABOU. @ The Vintage Fair

GLaSSeS //  Cat Eye Glasses by *katat0nik* @ Collabor88

GLoVeS //  Fishnet Bento Gloves by [La Baguette]

BRaCeLeT // “Bullet” Leather Bracelet by REBELLION

BRaCeLeT // Jelly Bangles by Kibitz @ BishBox (April ’17)

CoLLaR //  – Hearty Leather Collar by Kibitz

HaiR // Haley by [elikatira]

TaTToo // Hold Fast Tattoos by <Nar Mattaru> @ The Vintage Fair

MaKeuP //  Smoked Out Wing by Veechi @ Collabor88

MaKeuP // XoXo Gloss Lips by SlackGirl

LoCaTioN // Anduril

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