So Damn Wicked

I have been so busy lately in world getting another project underway. I’ve also been feeling just a tad… removed from everything. So, I went to back to this favorite dress of mine. I love the simple mesh, great shading, basic color… the ropes gives it just enough of an edge. Truly, one of my favorite items in my inventory.

I also stumbled upon the Dirty Pretty sim. I seriously wanted to move in. I’ll never know why I loooove trashy grungey sims so much, but I absolutely do. There was a trailer on top of the hill that was just…. the place of my soul. Don’t wanna know what that says about me as a person, honestly.

Anyway, as I was taking this picture an old song by Texas Hippie Coalition popped into my head.

She’s bad, twisted, goddamn, bitch is wicked
She’s bad, twisted, good god, girl she’s wicked
Yes and I’ve been said to burn the witch

iNSPiRaTioN // Wicked by Texas Hippie Coalition

DReSS // Covert Dress by [Haste]

SHoeS // Lace Up Platform by ::ROC::

CoLLaR // Legion Collar by +XAnSA+

BRaCeLeTS // Braid Bracelet by Izzie’s

BRaCeLeTS // Belonging Bracelets by :BAMSE:

eaRS // Gauged Ear by ^^Swallow^^

HaiR // Jenna by #taketomiWEST

TaTToo // Devour Tattoo by { Speakeasy }

MaKeuP // Splenda Eyeshadow by Suicide Gurls

PoSe // Blowing Smoke by . Infiniti .

LoCaTioN // Ash Falls

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