What We Deserve

The weather. Is. Amazing. I realize that Florida is having a tough time right now and my thoughts are with everyone there including my SL sister, Kenzie, and her Papi, Gary. However, here in Oregon the smoke has finally cleared form the fires and it is beautiful out and the temperature has come down a bit. I am SO READY FOR FALL. Yall get ready to see some scarves and stuff real soon on this blog. For now, I’m still having way too much fun with this old noir look. It speaks to my soul!

This was a part of my highly successful run over to FaMESHed as well as my trip to the new lingerie event, Frou Frou, this morning. FaMESHed had a lot that I loved, including some furniture pieces. One day, I’ll do a furniture post, I promise. I’m truly decorating obsessed.

Frou Frou was also really nice, although I don’t usually buy lingerie. Call me utilitarian, but I prefer clothes over underwear. However, this cute little number with the fishnet sides is absolutely adorable. You can change the inserts to lace using the HUD, giving you the option to dress it up or down.

As I was staring at this bar, trying to adjust my lights I was humming this song by Kaleo called Way Down We Go. Enjoy!

Father tell me, we get what we deserve
Oh we get what we deserve
And way down we go

HAIR | Mia by .Entwined. @ FaMESHed

NECKLACE | Bingley Necklace by Dahlia @ FaMESHed

SHOES | Osha Pumps by Pure Poison @ FaMESHed

CIGARETTE | Holder Cigarette – Vintage by [NikotiN] 

DRESS | Nataly by {ViSion} @ Frou Frou 

POSE | Moana by Imitation

LOCATION | Ash Falls

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